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How to cook sundae-gook

1.For simpler, do not open the wrapper, boil it in water for 10 minutes.

After the time is up, remove the packaging and cool completely before adding to the broth. (With the thought of just warming up the sundae). Boil the vermicelli on the side.

2. In the boiling broth, turn off the heat and add the cooled sundae, green onion, seasoning, and perilla powder in an appropriate amount.

(Important) Sundae bursts when steamed over high heat.

(important) If you add the sundae directly in boiling water, the sundae will bursts and dissolve in your broth.

* Add the seasoning to suit your taste.

순대국 Sundae Soup 1 Serving Meal Kit (Frozen)

C$15.00 일반가
제외: 세금


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